6 Reasons You Need A New Website

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In today’s internet era, it is not surprising that every business has its own website. With more and more people spending time browsing through the internet on their PC or mobiles, websites are a great way to reach the customers. However, just creating a website and forgetting about it won’t get you anywhere. If you are still using an outdated website for your business, have a look at these 6 reasons that you should consider and get a new website.

1, Mobile Friendly

Smart-phones are the life line today. Everybody owns one and if your website is still not mobile friendly then you are missing a lot! Your customers are surely going to find  it difficult to find you via their mobile phones.

2, Fresh and compelling content

Would you like to read news that is 2 days old? Boring isn’t it? Why then will your customers  return to your website to read the same old stuff on your website? To have an edge over your competitors, it is imperative that you keep updating your website with fresh and compelling content that will keep them engaged. The content on your website must educate your customers about your products and services such that they would want to return to your website over and over.

3, SEO friendly

Get noticed! Let your potential customers know that you exist online and this is possible if you rank higher in Google search results.You can achieve it by ensuring your website is SEO( Search Engine Optimization) friendly.  Make sure that you use appropriate keywords, strong internal and external linking and have a solid URL for your website. All these efforts will improve your site’s SEO and make you more visible to your target audience.

4, Effective CTA’s

The main purpose of having a website is to ensure that a user makes a purchase from your website and becomes your loyal customer. To achieve this you need to ensure that your website has a proper call-to-action (CTA). You can give your contact details on the website or prompt your user to leave their email address or ask them to visit your store, etc. In other words, you should not miss an opportunity that will help your business soar.

5, Attractive Design

It may be clichéd but ‘first impression is the last impression’ stands valid in today’s times. You need to have an attractive and latest design for your website that allows a user  to navigate easily and have enough interaction with your website.

6, Load times

In today’s fast paced life, nobody has the time to wait for long. Your website should load in less than 4 seconds. A further delay could cost you your business as Google’s algorithm can push your website lower in its search results.

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