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Despite the growing popularity of digital marketing, brochures form an integral part of marketing strategy even today. A well-designed and well-thought-of brochure is a collectible item not only for its compelling visuals but also for the immense product-specific information it holds. You must hire the best brochure design company in Navi Mumbai or professional brochure designers and get your brochures printed today!

That said, here are some stats that clearly show brochures are still a great way to engage potential customers.
  • 95% of visitors that procure brochure know of a business
  • 80% of people think of visiting the business they learned about in the brochure
  • 7 out of 10 visitors tend to pick up a brochure
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What are the components of a brochure?

  • Headline

A good corporate brochure design must include a compelling headline. Make sure that the headline supports customer benefits. The headline can be in the form of a news alert, statement, question, or even a warning. Also, ensure to use it throughout the brochure for a balanced design.

  • Subheadings or subtitles

Subtitles often support the main headline and draws the readers’ attention. It also acts as a break between the headline and the body copy. Subtitles help readers to read the relevant information easily.

  • Body copy

This area includes the description of the product or service you offer. The content must be persuasive enough for readers to take an action. Make sure to highlight the features and benefits of the product or service. Also, don’t forget to include a compelling call-to-action to generate excitement.

Additionally, make sure to keep the paragraphs simple and precise and talk to your audience by addressing them as ‘you’ or ‘your’. The body copy must include a positive message and not negative connotations about your competitors.

  • Disclosures, terms, and conditions

Your brochure must include all disclosures, terms, and conditions. You can include them as fine prints. Additionally, you can include information such as warranties, incentives, or more in this section.

  • Signature

Include your company’s logo, name, contact details, and website address in the signature. The logo must match other elements in the brochure. The signature is often created in the back panel of the brochure.

If you are looking for a unique and impressive logo design company in Navi Mumbai then Xee Design is your best choice. Our designers will closely with you and provide you with logo designs that surpass your expectation.

  • Illustrations

Visual elements in a brochure have the power to grab your audience’s attention more easily than just text-based brochures. From hand-drawn illustrations to graphically designed ones, you can include visual elements that suit your business requirements. Also, make sure to add captions along with images to help convey the message more effectively.

Remember, quality is essential when it comes to using images in your brochure. So, make sure to use images of higher resolution and correct size.

If you can’t create your brochure, you can consider hiring one of the best graphic designing companies in Navi Mumbai. Xee Design has a dedicated team of designers who with their years of experience and expertise in designing can churn out the best designs for your brochure based on your business needs.

Here, we share a few reasons for you to include brochures in your marketing strategy.
  • Brochures are a great way to hold the attention of your potential customers especially if you are a start-up or a small business and have a tight budget.
  • They save your money. There’s no denying that prime space on print media is expensive. Also, the advertisement space is shared by several businesses vying for public attention making it difficult for your ad to get noticed.
  • Brochures focus entirely on your business and its offerings thereby getting all the attention of your potential customer who browses through them. However, you must make sure to include informative and engaging content and an effective call-to-action in your brochure.
  • Brochures are versatile as they can be used for promoting all your products and services and in different venues such as office reception desks, promotional events, and more. In addition to the conventional tri-fold style, brochures can come in different formats such as flyers, menus, newsletters, and product guides.
  • Brochures can be printed in bulk and therefore be more cost-effective. Typically, the cost per brochure is lower with the number of prints. Also, regular customers can benefit from the discounted brochure printing offers.
  • A brochure is a simple yet cost-effective way to interact with your customers and generate leads for your sales team to follow up.
  • A brochure is easy to access and read than emails or websites.

When to use brochures?

Brochures come in many shapes and sizes and their low cost makes them beneficial for small businesses. So, here’s how you can use brochures

• For Trade shows
Trade shows are one of the most common places where businesses can use their brochures. You can print in large quantities at a far lower overall cost.

• For Media kits
Media kits are given to news organizations or publications and brochures work well with media kits. They can feature stories about your organization based on the information they receive.
You can include an overview of your products and services in the brochure. Adding brochures to media kits can provide tailored messages, so, make sure to make most of the opportunity.

• For direct mail
There’s no denying that a brochure can hold a lot more information than a postcard or direct mail ad. Also, a tri-fold design brochure allows for a colorful and catchy front page.

Brochures are still a great way to include them in your marketing strategies. It can even be used to support your online marketing. They are easy and affordable, so you must consider using marketing brochures.

Xee Design is a professional brochure design company in Navi Mumbai and we can help create a unique brochure keeping in mind the latest trends. So, if you are planning to get a brochure for your business, contact us right away!

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