Top 9 Important SEO Checklist Items For Website Design And Development

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Web developers help bring content to the web. Apart from designing and developing, they also make sure that the website is accessible, fully supported and visible to search engines.

Xee Design is a professional website design and development company in Mumbai that is well versed in the field and has dedicated SEO professionals that help you get the most effective results.


SEO makes sure your message reaches the right people at the right time. Effective SEO
practices will ensure that you stand out in a highly competitive market by providing the right information to your users and search engines.

A professional web development company in Mumbai is your key partner that will
work to keep your website optimized for search. Remember, without proper SEO at each stage of your website development, it may not perform as well as expected.
With ethical SEO practices, your website grows and becomes more visible online. To achieve this, the right information architecture is needed and it does not occur by accident. Web professionals from a reputed website design company in Mumbai can help conduct research and create intuitive structures for users and search bots.

Visitor engagement matters the most today and SEO makes sure that your website is easy to understand and sends the right message to search. This will help increase sales as well. Additionally, the way your website pages and subpages are structured will also affect search. A simple layout will not only help enhance user experience (UX) but also earn rewards from Google. Clear structure and logical content have always appealed to Google and have massive impacts on helping your site being found in search.


Studies have shown that more people use mobile devices to access the web than other devices. Such studies only reinforce that mobile optimization is here to stay.
Many websites lag as they were built for desktop users and later updated for mobile. Results are bound to be inconsistent compared to mobile-first sites that are built for the future. Also, unresponsive and slow-loading websites give users a reason to leave your website.

Studies reveal that half of the mobile users abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. Additionally, users are five times more likely to leave your website if it isn’t mobile-friendly. Responsive website design is the answer to the problem. Google also penalizes slow mobile pages. So, make sure that your website is mobile-optimized. You can hire a reliable website design and development company in Navi Mumbai to accomplish the task.


 A professional web design and development company in Mumbai will integrate SEO considerations at every phase of website development. Other considerations that matter are;

1. Basic SEO

There’s no denying that basic SEO is a solid foundation for any website. Small details like title tags, alt tags, etc., strengthen content and makes your website accessible to search engines as well as your users. Make sure to attach tags to every image and anchor text with an accurate description of what’s on them.
Apart from tags makes sure you have your meta titles and descriptions in place. Well-structured meta descriptions and titles increase click-through-rate (CTR), makes it easier to find your content and organizes the information. Try to create metadata manually as they are more site-specific, accurate and helpful in driving better results.

2. Validate codes against W3C standard

Validating all your codes against W3C standards will ensure that they are seen by search and are accepted by formatting rules. Without validation, coding errors can cause search engines to overlook important aspects of your website.

3. Proper structure

A great site structure contributes to consistent user experience and also boosts SEO. Delivering memorable UX will satisfy both users as well as Google. Proper structure helps outline your featured pages every time your website appears in search leading to site links. Proper SEO will make it easier for visitors to navigate your website and get the information they are looking for.

4. Internal linking


To maximize the impact of your top pages, you need to resort to internal linking. It will help support your site structure and enable Google to index and rank your pages. This strategy is effective when new content is linked to steady pages that Google already recognizes as relevant. Certain pages like “tag” pages do better when not indexed thereby giving more power to your product and services pages.


Each website has a different structure and your web developer will have to understand the site architecture extremely well.


5. Pagination and canonicalization  


Strong canonicalization helps give every piece of content on your website a unique URL. This helps improve the authority of your website and prevents the benefits of content and quality links from being wasted.


Pagination divides content into several pages, providing multiple direct links that are found near the bottom of the page.


Users can click on the numbered page links and forward/back icons to navigate the material efficiently. Proper pagination is one of the best ways to boost UX which will eventually help SEO.


6. Manage structured data

Include structured data from to be at the top of your game. However, make sure that your structured data is coded properly.  Manual checking for coding errors will help uncover structured data problems better than automatic tools.

You can use Google’s Structured Data Tool to check each page’s structured data.


7. Proper Robots.txt  and Sitemap.xml


Make sure to remove a disallow directive to a Robots.txt before the site goes live if you want to send proper messages to search engines.


In general, makes sure that both the Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt files are formatted properly upon live launch so that your SEO professional can move ahead with the next steps.


The Sitemap.xml file should be submitted to Google Search Console.


8. Page load speed


Make sure that your site loads fast on desktops as well as on mobile devices.


Your web developer should consider using progressive JPEGs, the difference between PNG8 and PNG24 and optimize all files and assets once the page loads.


Additionally, ensure that your images are compressed to avoid any usability issues. You may also consider using a smaller image size to facilitate faster loading speed.


There are several tools available to check page speed.


9. Improve your GZip and Browser caching 

Servers using GZip compression offer faster speed and provide a positive user experience. If your site faces performance shortfalls, a compression problem may be slowing it.

Browser caching and correct expire times for files will save time on visitor’s future visits to your site. This can act as a local copy of images and other files such as Javascript and CSS that help with page load.


The best website design and development company in Mumbai will help maintain SEO awareness, optimizing during each stage of website design and development.

The above SEO checklist will help manage details and make sure you have a website that can scale as your requirements grow.

If you are not getting the best outcome from your website and looking for the best web development company in Mumbai, feel free to contact us!

Local SEO Companies function to help small business owners boost their digital presence in multifarious ways.

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