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Web Application Development Company

Web application development has progressed significantly over the past few years with the advances in browser technology, both on desktop and mobile devices. Now, more than ever the distinctions between web apps and native apps are becoming closer and closer, and Wave Digital can help you navigate your choice between one or the other. Web technologies are becoming more and more advanced, with browsers now able to access GPS, camera, images & files, etc, and with frameworks such as AngularJS, Node.js, React and others maturing at an increasing rate. These advances allow us to build complex applications and deploy them onto secure cloud infrastructure for ease of access to the widest possible user-base. Web apps are similar to a website but are a more complex application that runs on a cloud server which the users interact with via the browser. The need for a native app in preference to a web app is an assumption that Wave Digital regularly interrogates with our clients. Unless specific requirements such as a need for offline usage or particular device hardware requirements are clearly identified early in a project we will seek to validate the request to develop a native apps.